Located on the hills of Magliano in Toscana, Tenuta il Quinto extends over 70 hectares of hillsides, 13 of which host organically grown vines.

Overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea to the South and protected by Mount Amiata to the North, Tenuta il Quinto enjoys a temperate climate. The hot summers, relieved by the sea breeze, and the mild winters, create an ideal climate for our vines and a temperature range favorable to perfecting ripening.


The uniqueness of our terroir is the result of the composition of our soil: calcareous and clayey, fresh and rich in minerals, replete with the necessary skeleton, to ensure natural drainage, by virtue of its filtering properties.

The skeleton is essentially made up of galestro, a clayey schist capable of retaining the humidity of the winter rains, subsequently allowing the deeper roots to draw from it during the summer heat. In order to protect the precious qualities of our soil, we limit the passage of heavy agricultural vehicles as much as possible, in favor of manual interventions.